What’s Causing That Furnace Noise You Keep on Hearing?

why is my furnace making that noise?As you rely more and more on your furnace to keep your family comfortable during the winter season, you have to watch out for signs that can potentially spell trouble. One common issue that many homeowners experience when it comes to their furnaces would be the different types of noises. Apart from being irritating, these noises may indicate a bigger problem. A furnace noise may be caused by different issues. Here’s a brief rundown of these potential causes.

Whining noises coming from my furnace

If you hear a whining noise coming from your furnace, there are a few possible reasons behind this. One such possible cause is a damaged blower motor. In some cases, the blower motor can be repaired; however, if the blower motor is beyond repair, your only option is to have it replaced.

Whining noises may also be caused by the blower belt. If the blower belt is simply slipping out of place, the belt can be fixed. However, if the belt is frayed, you should have it replaced. Whining noises might be a sign that the shafts need to be lubricated.

If you hear whining noises, turn off your furnace and call in the professionals to determine the cause and perform the necessary repairs.

Loud banging noises

Although hearing loud banging noises after turning your furnace on can be startling, there is really no cause for alarm. These noises are often caused by the metal ducts in your home. When you turn your blower on, this causes the metal ducts to expand. After turning the blower off, the metal ducts should contract. However, some ducts do not contract back to their original size either because these are too delicate or they are the wrong size.

Another potential cause of these noises is the buildup of dirt on your furnace. The accumulation of dirt slows down the ignition and facilitates the buildup of gas. Now, when you ignite your furnace, a mini-explosion occurs. This may happen the first time you turn on your heater for the season but the noise should not continue if the dust is minimal.  Regular furnace maintenance is not something to overlook. We see lots of unnecessary breakdowns simply due to lack of maintenance.

Scraping noises

Scraping noises in your homes heater often indicate that your furnace has a loose or broken part. Something as simple as a  (usually the blower wheel).

Calling in the professionals

Like other appliances around your house, furnaces will make noises. However, if you hear something out of the ordinary, call in expert technicians at once to prevent minor problems from turning into larger ones. Loud noises coming from the furnace are not something to take lightly. Be sure to turn off the heater and call an HVAC repair company right away. It is also highly recommended to have your furnace checked at least once per year. Many of these noises can be easily prevented when professionals thoroughly check your furnace and repair or replace broken parts. Sometimes the issue is the blower motor. If this is the case, depending on the age of the equipment it could be difficult to find the part which is why having a professional diagnose the problem is crucial. Your HVAC company will have access to wholesale parts houses that will not sell to the public.

As always, Pacific Aire is happy to be your HVAC service company. We will diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.


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