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When Is the Best Time for An Ac Unit Replacement?


El Niño was terrible last year and its effects are projected to linger well into the last quarter of 2016. For sure, you’ll be regularly relying on your air conditioning or AC unit to turn your home into the perfect retreat from the sweltering heat of the outdoors.


What Is Your Current AC Unit Really Costing You?

An air conditioner truly is the best defense against heat. But if your AC is taking quite a long time in creating ideal indoor climate, and frequent usage is costing you so much, it’s best to have it checked by the professionals. An inspection by an HVAC specialist will determine whether your AC is working fine and just needs some form of maintenance, or whether it has already reached the “winter” of its functional lifetime.


Signs That It Is Time For An AC Unit Replacement

The question here now is: How will you determine if it is indeed time for an ac unit replacement, and the HVAC professional you turned to is not just encouraging the purchase of a new AC because of the commission he’ll get? Here are some tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for. 

The unit is over a decade old.

Ten years of service is a long time; the AC’s parts are probably worn out already. Using them for much longer will only work them to failure. They’ll consume more energy yet still fail to cool your home adequately. When your AC is over 10 years old, it’s best to consider replacing it. New units are more efficient and will help you save up to 20 percent on energy costs.

The unit constantly needs to be repaired.

You need to do the math if this is the case and ask yourself, “If I

replace my AC unit instead of having it repaired often, will I save money?” Repair costs may just be a fraction of the cost of a new AC, but if repairs need to be carried out frequently, that amount will build up. Perhaps you’ll save more money by just buying a new unit.

Your energy bills are unexpectedly high.

Cooling and heating equipment are usually the culprits behind high electricity bills. If you’ve been using your AC a lot and your monthly electric bill is so high, it’s probably using up more energy to cool your home effectively than it should. If you wish to slash your energy consumption, a more energy-efficient AC unit that’s the right size for the space it’s supposed to cool will do the trick.

The unit is too noisy.

Some people don’t mind the noise too much as long as the AC is cooling their home as it should. However, this is one indicator that the unit may be too small for the space it’s cooling. The noise will only get louder over time because the unit is constantly working too hard.

Your score on the Home Energy Yardstick is below five

This is a bad grade and this indicates that your AC is using more energy than it’s supposed to in cooling your home. The only way to recover from the bad grade is to replace the AC with a more cost- and energy-efficient one.


If the signs are telling you it’s about time for an AC unit replacement, call the hvac professionals at Pacific Aire Home Services. Have a professional come out and give you options on a new air conditioner system. Don’t forget to ask about hvac financing, current hvac rebates and any special offers that might be going on now near you!





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