Why Are My Southern Edison Electric Bills So High?

Have you lately found yourself asking: “Why are my Southern Edison electric bills so high?”

Know that you’re not alone. Many Southern California homeowners have become more vigilant today when it comes to watching their energy expenses, mainly due to economic and environmental reasons. If you find that your more recent electric bills have been higher than usual, take a look at the following items to see if one or more is the culprit:

The weather is too hot

When the heat is on, you tend to use air-conditioners and coolers for longer hours of the day. Some appliances such as refrigerators and freezers will also need extra power (and therefore, extra energy) to function against the heat. You may also feel the need to use more facilities that require energy use, such as spa pumps and swimming pools.

The weather is too cold

To maintain a more comfortable temperature indoors during cold seasons, you’ll usually need your heating systems and portable heaters to work harder and longer hours. You may also be relying more on indoor lighting around this time because it tends to get dark earlier during cold months. Holidays also coincide with this season, which may require you to use appliances such as entertainment systems all day.

Billing reasons

Number of days: One reason why your bill might be high even if you’re not consuming more energy than before is the number of days billed. If the number of days for this billing period is higher than the usual, then it’s normal for your energy bill to go up as well.

Unpaid balance: Another billing-related reason is when you have a remaining unpaid balance from the previous cycle. This will be automatically added to your current total.

Billing error due to inaccurate meter reading: This is a rare situation, but you may seek help from Southern Edison in case you suspect that meter reading error is the reason.

Your energy use habits may be to blame

. If your kWh usage seems higher than the average in your area, you may want to check on your personal habits and practices with regard to energy consumption. Some reasons why you may be using more energy than needed:

  • Your appliances may still be on even when they’re “off.” You may not be using your TV, microwave or computer, but they can still be consuming energy unless plugged off. Turn off power strips and manually unplug appliances (including chargers) after use.
  • Your insulation may not be leak-proof, driving your heating and cooling systems to work harder and require more power. Have your HVAC checked by a professional heating and cooling specialist for higher efficiency.
  • Some of your appliances such as refrigerators and clothes dryers may be older models, which tend to require more energy. Switching to models with higher energy ratings can cut your energy use significantly.

Asking about your Southern Edison energy bills is actually a good thing, because it can lead you to further understand how you use energy, so you can implement best practices and habits that pave the way to smarter, more efficient and less expensive energy consumption.  


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