Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems have performed relatively well outside of the
American market. In the United States, the sales of this product is an
entirely different story. At best, its sales in the American market can
be described as modest.

But why have American property owners ignored this system? According to
HVAC industry experts, the main reason behind this trend is that most
homes already have ductwork installed. Furthermore, when property owners
shop for a replacement system, making use of the existing ductwork is
seen as the most economical approach.

According to available data, the sale of ductless mini-split systems only
accounts for five percent of the overall American unitary air-conditioning
market. Of this figure, ductless systems with 1.5 hp and below and 2 hp
and below accounted for the bulk of the sales. Most of these systems were
installed in commercial buildings and single spaces while a handful were
purchased and installed for zoned apartments and smaller rooms in a house.
Here at Pacific Aire we have had more clients entertain the option of
a duct less mini-split of inlaw quarters, man caves and other custom HVAC
install projects.

Before you dismiss this system as unsuitable for your property, it is worthwhile
to get at least a short glimpse of the pros and cons of ductless mini-split
systems before you completely write them off.

Advantages of ductless mini splits

Among the chief advantages of ductless mini-split systems include easy
installation, elimination of the need for ductwork, zoning capability,
and their ability to fit in different design spaces. These benefits are
a boon for commercial spaces which may not have existing ductwork, or
for whom the retrofit of a new ductwork may be too difficult or costly.
This system is also perfect for additional structures in a home which
the existing HVAC system cannot service.

Disadvanteges of going ductless

However, the system does have a few drawbacks. Some major concerns are
the indoor airflow as well as the quality of air. Many property owners
also fear that finding expert technicians to repair their systems is difficult.
Other concerns include higher costs and appearance, especially among wall
and ceiling mounted evaporator units which are fairly common in the overseas market.

If your home, building or space has no existing ductwork and you are looking
for a reliable and economical way to cool it, you might want to consider
ductless mini-split systems. On the other hand, if the area where the
system is going to be installed is large, a ductless mini-split system
may present a few problems related to cost, air quality, humidity control
and condensation. Before making any final decision, weigh the advantages
and disadvantages of your options against your needs.

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, as always we offer a free
in home evaluation and estimate. Give the guys in the orange tricks a
call, we are happy to help!


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