Reasons Why a Furnace Tune Up Is Advised for Homeowners

When summer transitions to fall, households start using their heating systems more to create an ideal, comfortable interior environment that is quite the opposite of the freezing temperature outside. To ensure the proper functioning of furnaces throughout the chilly seasons, it’s highly advised to have them tuned up by a professional HVAC company. This is typically a once-a-year task that must be carried out for effective maintenance. Read more about the importance of completing a furnace tune up on your hvac system.

Many, however, do not heed this advice, considering the cost of a professional furnace tune up. Also, seeing that the heating system continues to work well, they simply do not feel the need to bust a huge amount of money. That’s the problem, however—most people don’t realize they will be saving themselves a much bigger sum of money by hiring an HVAC company to perform their furnace maintenance. The cost of having something fixed or replaced on your HVAC system is much more expensive in the long run and can be avoided with a regular furnace tune-up. With cost and procrastination as the main reason for people avoiding this annual chore, others are choosing to be proactive and scheduling their appointments now while the Southern California heat is still present. As of today, (October, 20th 2015) according to ABC7.com temps are starting to cool down in the mountain communities with lows in the 30’s. That means it’s time to start thinking about your furnace.

Despite weather conditions or preferences, a professional furnace tune up still needs to be carried out for the following reasons:

● Yearly furnace tune ups, especially before the transition to the colder season, will ensure that the system is in proper working order for the many months of bone-chilling weather up ahead.

● It can extend the functional lifespan of the furnace. Regular maintenance will ensure your household gets the most out of your HVAC equipment.

● Furnace manufacturers (most of them, at least) state in their warranty that damage to the units due to improper maintenance is not covered under warranty. It’s always best to have that warranty work to your advantage, especially if you want to avoid additional expenses. Don’t bother taking care of the task yourself if you’re not knowledgeable about the system because your effort may just do more harm than good.

● Professional furnace tune ups are thorough and the specialists will catch risks that the system may be creating. For example, due to frequent use, some components can come lose or deteriorate and cause harmful gas such as carbon monoxide to leak in the home. Not only is that bad for health, but it can also be a cause of fire. Avoiding such risks is a must.

Overall, the effort of a Furnace Tune up is a great preventive measure; it prevents damage, unnecessary expenses, and health risks. More importantly, a furnace tune up will make sure that your HVAC system will work well when you especially need it to. Right now, through the end of the month Pacific Aire Inc. is donating $10 from any $77 tune-up to Ribbons of Life, a local Breast Cancer Awarness Charity. Learn more HERE.

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