A good home owner knows that choosing a good HVAC contractor is an asset to their home. Because the year you skip having your HVAC system checked and maintained; that would inevitably lead to an unexpected breakdown. Homeowners should also be aware that minor problems or noises coming from your A/C can turn into bigger hassles if they are left unchecked and unresolved. During the summer months, the last thing that you would want is for your AC to break down. Take a look at the importance of an AC Tune-Up.
Like any other equipment in your home, your AC unit can break down when you least expect it. Fortunately, you can easily avoid a breakdown through an AC tune-up. Apart from preventing unexpected breakdowns, AC tune-ups offer several benefits. As we mentioned before, it will allow you to prevent small problems from getting out of hand. This will also allow you to forgo the cost associated with extensive repairs.
Having your AC tuned up regularly will also allow you to increase the comfort level in your home. An AC unit that is regularly maintained and tuned up will perform optimally and will prevent inefficiencies that make the unit work doubly hard to cool your home.
Another great reason why you should have your air conditioning unit tuned up is that it can allow you to save money on your energy bills. An AC unit that performs optimally will require less energy to cool a home.
Finally, AC units that are regularly tuned up last longer than their counterparts that have been poorly maintained. This simply means that you get to enjoy good returns on your investment in your home’s air conditioning system.

What happens during AC tune-ups?

AC tune-ups involve a suite of services which include the inspection of the coolant levels and pressure, calibration of the thermostat, checking of proper cycle and temperature, inspection of wirings and other parts, inspection and cleaning of evaporator coils, drains and condenser, inspection of outdoor disconnect, inspection and lubrication of fan motor and blades, checking of compressor amps, and other checks on safety and inefficiency.
After the tune-up, the service technician will give you a detailed report on the current condition of your air conditioning system as well as relevant recommendations.For some people, AC tune-ups may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, when you weigh in the benefits as well as the potential savings you can get, subjecting your AC unit to regular tune-ups surely sounds like a great idea.


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