repair-vs-replace-your-old-acThe Energy Star program was launched by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is a voluntary program that allows homeowners to benefit in two ways. First, you have the chance to save money by reducing costs on energy use with high efficiency equipment. Secondly, you are able to reduce your carbon footprint while upgrading appliances and equipment like your water heater and air conditioner. According to Energy Star’s website if your HVAC equipment is more than ten years old or not keeping your home comfortable you should have it evaluated by an HVAC professional.

HVAC contractors’ role in energy efficiency


The HVAC system’s function is to provide your home with a durable, comfortable and reliable heat and air. The Energy Star program lists HVAC contractors who are capable of servicing your heating and air system to ensure the system continues to perform at the highest level.
The Energy Star Program recommends that you have your heating and air system tuned up annually to improve efficiency and comfort.

Here they provide you with An HVAC system maintenance checklist.

HVAC design and implementation

Should your AC system be at the end of its life and you are considering replacing it with a newer Energy Star model, you should consider an HVAC system design consultation from a reputable contractor like Pacific Aire. In order to develop a plan to install a new HVAC system, the design needs to be customized. The implementation strategies differ due to factors like the size of the home, duct design and overall home comfort needs. In order to provide the best design plans for a successful installation the EPA has been conducting research for years now, and the best way for any licensed HVAC contractor to be accountable for quality work is to hire a HERS rater once the HVAC system is Despicable Me 3 online

Local HERS requirements

Local third parties called HERS raters who have the power to verify proper installation of your HVAC equipment are usually brought in after the new Heating and air conditioner are installed. This is often the last step you will need in order to close out the permit and receive any rebates you may qualify for. The reason we bring this up is because the rebates are usually in line with what level of efficiency you purchase. By using energy star products you are likely to qualify for more money back on your rebate. However most of this information is not something you have to worry about. With a reputable contractor like Pacific Aire we will take care of all of the above detail ensuring the process is smooth from start to finish.


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