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The equipment that’s responsible for the comfort of your home is the heating and air conditioning system. This complex system is designed to work for you throughout the year, regardless of the conditions outside. But in order to do its job properly, your system needs a little help from you. Luckily, the task is a simple one: air filter replacement.

Regular air filter replacement is something that you can do easily. A few facts and recommendations are in order as you look for the appropriate filter:

·         Regular air filter replacement is necessary as the main reason for their existence is to clean the air going through the system. As they are doing their job, they are becoming dirty. This will slowly clog the filter and reduce airflow.

·         The reduced airflow will cause the motor to work harder and use more energy. Keeping your filters replaced, at appropriate times such as every 90 days or so, will keep everything running smoothly and can save as much as 10 percent on energy costs compared to a system with a dirty filter.

·         Installing a higher efficiency filter will promote a higher level of cleanliness, helping to ensure a cleaner, more efficient system and cleaner air for a healthier home. Just be sure to use filters that are manufacturer-recommended. If the efficiency of your filter is too high, it can actually damage the system. If you’re unsure about selecting an air filter replacement, consult with a trusted HVAC technician.

If you’re not sure which air filter replacement to choose, or if you’re unsure how to actually change the filter, contact us at Pacific Aire, Inc. We serve the Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

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