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When the cold winds start sneaking in, you definitely want to take all the steps you can to reduce home heat loss. So what are some simple ways you make sure your Santa Barbara home stays snug and cozy?

1. Ditching the Drafts

If you are somewhat handy, you can easily save yourself a significant amount of money onenergy bills by sealing and caulking your windows and doors. A quick trip to the hardware store and an afternoon of effort, and your home will be toasty soon.

2. Increasing Insulation

Spending a few bucks on extra insulation to reduce home heat loss should ultimately help you save big in the long term. The attic is where a great amount of heat loss occurs and adding to the insulation helps to combat this problem. Consider whether you should get a professional to help you since it can be tricky doing this properly.

3. Winning With Windows

Put your hand up near your windows and notice how much air is flowing through. One more way to reduce home heat loss that is a little more costly is to replace your older windows with Energy Star rated windows. If your budget is too tight to replace all your windows, another option is to install storm windows over the existing ones.

4. Helping Your Heater

Proper maintenance on your heating and cooling unit will help sustain its lifespan and efficiency. Simple procedures, like changing the air filter regularly are simple and fast, and can definitely be done by most everyone. Once a year, have a professional HVAC person come clean and maintain the unit. Another way to reduce heating bills is to install a programmable thermostat. This way, you can tell it when you are home and need the heat on.

A good heating and air conditioning technician can help you make sure everything is in tip-top shape. For help in Ventura and Santa Barbara, contact us at Pacific Aire and we will be happy to make sure your heating is keeping you happy.

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